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Website Construction in Progress

** Latest Update on 26th May 2015 **

Hi folks,

As I’ve been quite busy with my day job (had a few days of overtime, making it 12 hours work day for me), getting this site initial content up has been put on hold. Well, not actually on hold, but, in between my busy schedule and getting writer’s block, development had slowed down.

However, it is still my hope that I’ll be able to at least get the “admin pages” (e.g.  Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, About Us pages etc) written and posted by 2330 hrs (Singapore’s time zone which is GMT +8), 31st May 2015.

Having said that, I would like to thank you for the patience. :)


Ernest Kwek


Thank you for visiting GetRichPassively.com.

We are working hard now to get the basic structure of the website in place. However, as we are a small outfit, it will take some time. Tentatively, we are aiming for 15th May 2015 for the bare bone of the website to be ready and start serving content. :)

Till then,

Ernest Kwek